Acuity Global delivers insightful supply chain solutions and services to help customers create compelling value. Whether deploying new technologies or crafting best practices, we will deliver the right combination of skill and innovation to create lasting results.


  What We Do

We build and deliver supply chain solutions that synchronize the planning, execution, visibility, and management of inventory and staffing across warehousing and distribution operations, Our pedigree includes decades of hands-on experience with supply chain solutions and technologies including warehouse management, transportation management, and workforce management systems.

  How We Do It

At Acuity Global, we understand that business practices vary across industries, and that it takes a rare understanding of innovative best practices to address your challenges at hand. Acuity Global will work with you to carefully blend your business practices with the requisite processes and technologies to deliver the value and results you expect. At Acuity Global we Deliver Clear Results!



Ron Riggin is the founder and president of Acuity Global LLC. He brings over 30 years of technical and operational experience in product development, product management, technology consulting, strategic consulting, and operations research analysis. As the former senior vice president of technology at RedPrairie (now Blue Yonder), co-founder and chief technology officer at MARC Global, and vice president of technology at BDM International (now Northrop Grumman), Mr. Riggin has crafted and deployed advanced supply chain solutions to many of the world’s largest companies. He is currently the driving force behind the development of the SuiteWM solution.


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