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Warehouse Management

Ten Reasons to Choose:

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An innovative, cloud-deployable Warehouse Management System
developed specifically to complement NetSuite

  • Paperless Operations

    SuiteWM is designed to run a “paperless” warehouse operation using mobile devices and Barcode Scanning technology; however, SuiteWM can be operated using paper-driven processes and without barcoded items, if required.

  • Deploy to Cloud

    SuiteWM is a web-based product that is designed and developed for deployment to the cloud, but can also easily be deployed on premise in your environment, virtualized or physical.

  • Modular Features

    Only need Cycle Counting? Maybe you just need to Batch Pick orders. SuiteWM is designed for modular deployment giving you the option of starting simple and adding new capabilities over time.

  • Amazing Services & Support

    Acuity Global stands by its solution and provides tailored and agile implementation services and support for every customer need. Our mission is to deliver value, not just software.

  • Awesome Technology

    SuiteWM is based on the latest technology and standards for cloud-deployment, great user experiences, and responsive and reliable operations.

  • Utilize Barcodes

    SuiteWM is designed and developed from the ground up to support barcode scanning of data, whether it is an item UPC/EAN/GTIN, a bin location ID, or carton SSCC-18 label, or any other barcode presented, 1D or 2D

  • Built on Best Practices

    Need powerful wave optimization, dynamic cycle counting, multi-channel allocation strategies, directed putaway? These, and other incredible features are available in SuiteWM to create a world-class, best practice operation in your warehouse

  • 3PL Integration

    By employing SuiteTE, Acuity Global can support your efforts to integrate your 3PL (Third Party Logistics) Provider’s systems with NetSuite, even if your 3PL does not use SuiteWM as their WMS!

  • Happy Customers

    Acuity Global's mission is to create and maintain happy customers. Contact us today and we'll be happy to share an unlimited number of references for you to see for yourself.

  • Unmatched Return on Investment (ROI)

    SuiteWM provides world-class capabilities, in a simple-to-use, easily-deployed solution, and is offered at unmatched pricing as shown below, maximizing your ROI.

Amazing Features and Functionality

Acuity Global presents SuiteWM, an end-to-end Warehouse Management System solution to complement NetSuite operations. SuiteWM is engineered to deal with “real world” paperless warehousing operations, optimizations, and exceptions. It is a high performance, easy-to-use, cloud-deployable solution. See highlights of it's amazing features below, or go straight to the the SuiteWM Reference Guide following the link below.

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SuiteWM Feature Highlights

  • Receive
  • Putaway
  • Move
  • Wave
  • Pick
  • Pack
  • Ship
  • Count
  • Search

Receive against ASNs, POs, TOs, RAs

SuiteWM provides a unified user experience to easily and fluidly receive inventory into the warehouse, whether the expected receipt is created from a Purchase Order (PO), Transfer Order (TO), Return Authorization (RA), or Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN). Specifically, NetSuite will create Purchase Orders to purchase goods from vendors that will ultimately be received at a warehouse. It will also generate Transfer Orders and Return Authorizations which will also require receipt at the warehouse. SuiteWM will maintain a perpetual view of all open expected receipt transactions to facilitate processing at the warehouse. SuiteWM also has the ability at accept and manage Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) and facilitate the receipt of goods against these ASNs, even if the ASN references multiple POs. SuiteWM will post the Item Receipt against the appropriate Purchase Orders in NetSuite, while allowing the operators in the warehouse to use a single ASN as a receiving document that spans multiple POs.

Directed Putaway

SuiteWM provides directed/suggested putaway of inventory based on item characteristics, current inventory status, bin availability, crossdock demand, and putaway rules. Putaway is most traditionally thought of as a post-receiving process, from dock-to-stock; however, SuiteWM putaway logic can be used on any move in the warehouse. SuiteWM putaway logic will display/suggest up to three candidate bins, and will present the current inventory for each of those suggested bins. Operators may choose any of these bins with ease, and even split the putaway across bins, if required. Putaway can direct inventory to randomly assigned bins (based on Inbound Group/Zone rules defined), fixed bins, bins with like inventory, or empty bins. Putaway can control the movement of single items or multiple items in a common container.

Move and Replenish Inventory

SuiteWM offers several different ways to execute inventory moves throughout the warehouse. If the operator is controlling the decision of what move, simply enter the from-bin, item, quantity, container id, and to-bin, in sequence, to complete the move. If the system is controlling the decision of what to move (automated replenishment, for example), the operator will be directed to specific bins, pick specific items and quantities, and deposit the inventory into a destination bin. Prior to executing any move, the operator may initially establish filters for the moves to be assigned to keep operations limited to a specific zone, move priority, or specific class of inventory, for example. Also, sometimes operations prefer to create move reports, letting the operators complete all of the moves listed on that report 'off-line', and then confirm these moves into SuiteWM.

Allocate, Plan, and Optimize Waves

SuiteWM provides a diverse set of pick strategies that are used and applied automatically during SuiteWM wave optimization processing. The wave optimization analyzes order affinity of items, line counts, unit counts, packing requirements and more to assign groups of tasks/orders to optimized pick strategies which maximize commonality of the tasks and minimize the travel to complete those tasks.

Once wave optimization is complete, all results are presented on the SuiteWM Wave Release page to the authorized operator responsible for work flow on the shop floor. Any or all batches can be released with a simple click. Valuable performance metrics are shown for each batch including a basic labor estimates, container, picks, items, units, and more.

Batch, Super Batch, Cluster, Order and Consolidated Order Picking

SuiteWM supports the following advanced (paperless) picking methods:

Batch Pick: Using SuiteWM’s Batch Picking method, the warehouse operator will travel through the warehouse via a bin sequence with a single pre-defined container to pick a set of Fulfillment Orders that all have the exact same characteristics (same Items and Pack Destinations).

Cluster Pick: Using SuiteWM’s Cluster Picking method, the warehouse operator will travel through the warehouse via a bin sequence with a set of pre-defined containers to pick a corresponding set of Fulfillment Orders, one order per container.

Super Batch Pick: Using SuiteWM’s Super Batch Picking method, the warehouse operator will travel through the warehouse via a bin sequence with a set of pre-defined containers to pick a corresponding Batch of common Fulfillment Orders, one Batch per container (see Batch Pick method). This unique and innovate pick method is used frequently by the world's large e-commerce companies.

Order and Consolidation Pick: Using SuiteWM’s Order/Consolidation Picking method, the warehouse operator will travel through the warehouse via a bin sequence with a single pre-defined container to pick a either a single or multiple Fulfillment Orders that have all been assigned to a single consolidated shipment.


SuiteWM packing features allow the operation to perform a 100% inspection/verification of picked orders (if desired), as well as define, document, and prepare containers/packages for shipment. If the operation does not wish to perform a 100% item pack verification, a configurable system setting will direct SuiteWM to skip this step and move directly into finalizing all containers/packages to ship.

SuiteWM packing also allows the operator to define or change the container/package type being packed. if picking is configured to direct picks into the final ship container/package (and the container/package type is then defined during picking), the packing process will provide a last opportunity to verify or change this container/package type before the container is shipped. SuiteWM container types are predefined in the master data setup with length, width, height, and tare weight established so that these values never need to be entered during the shipping process.


SuiteWM’s shipment rating and carrier shipment label creation processes are provided using a powerful API provided by RocketShipIt. RocketShipIt powers SuiteWM with ship services to rate shop, create labels, and manifest shipments for UPS®, FEDEX®, USPS®, DHL®, and Canadian Post®. In addition, certain international shipment rating and carrier shipment label creation processes (including select customs forms) are provided using a powerful API provided by EasyPost. UPS®, FEDEX®, USPS®, DHL®, and Canadian Post® trademarks are property of their respective owners.

As many or few carrier/services may be defined in SuiteWM. Carrier shipment processing is closely tied to the data received from the ERP about the order to be shipped. If the ERP being used is NetSuite, the “Ship Via/Ship Method” is used in SuiteWM to drive shipment processing. In addition, a SuiteWM-specific TMS mapping table configuration is available for NetSuite provide additional details about shipping options that NetSuite does not typically supply, such as a carrier’s SCAC, freight terms, mode, accessorials, and more.


SuiteWM Cycle Counting is a powerful and sophisticated capability designed around the best practices of world’s largest companies, to keep inventory perpetually accurate at the bin level in the warehouse. SuiteWM automatically directs operators to count specific bins based on count plans or rules defined by the operation. SuiteWM also provides powerful count reconciliation tools for authorized inventory managers to review variances (and count history and trends), and decide whether to accept or recount a cycle count result. Counts may be directed, manually initiated, or triggered by certain events such as a short pick.

Directed Cycle Counting will guide the operator from bin to bin, in a sequenced manner, according to the rules/filters defined, count plan requirements, and current count state of each bin. Filters can be defined by the operator upon initiating the count tour to drive a multitude of options, such as counting low inventory or verifying empty bins, counting only recount requests, or counting in a specific zone.

Using the “empty bin” or “low inventory” count filters available in SuiteWM, an operation can quickly verify the count for all low inventory and/or empty bins in the warehouse. This is tremendous benefit for two reasons: (1) it is extremely easy and fast to verify a low inventory count or empty bin, and (2) low inventory bins are the most vulnerable to an unexpected stock out based on an inventory inaccuracy.

Manual Cycle Counting provided by SuiteWM allows to operator to simply scan/enter a bin and perform a count. Using this feature, SuiteWM will not direct the operator to a bin, rather, the operator simply chooses the bin to count. No preparation is required at all, simply scan a Bin, scan an Item, enter a count, and move on. If the count varies from what is expected, the count will immediately show up on the Resolve Count Discrepancies page for an authorized operator to review and accept the count or request a recount.

Search Inventory and History

SuiteWM provides lightning-fast search and reporting of inventory levels by bin, item, and/or container. In addition, order status, complete history, all tasks, shipment tracking IDs, containers and attributes are available in a unified view from any mobile or fixed device. With authorization, documents can be reprinted or regenerated, orders can be reset or even cancelled if required.

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