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NetSuite Integrations We Build

  • Enterprise
  • Trading Partner (Including 3PLs)
  • EDI Processing
  • Document Processing
  • SuiteWM Component Integration


Acuity Global has specifically engineered our SuiteWM and SuiteTE solutions to operate seamlessly with the NetSuite solution. Acuity Global has been working with the NetSuite platform since 2007 to develop and refine a real-time, high-performance, reliable integration with NetSuite. Acuity Global is a longstanding member of the NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN)

Our NetSuite Integration methodology extends far beyond the technology and/or APIs used; it is an integration that builds on decades of “order-to-cash” and “purchase-to-payment” experiences and “best practices” in the enterprise. Hence, our integration capabilities also extend to other 3rd party solutions that may need to operate in your enterprise with NetSuite. Contact Acuity Global to see whether our SuiteTE solution can solve your integration challenges.

Trading Partner (Including 3PLs)

SuiteWM can also support efforts to integrate your 3PL with NetSuite, even if your 3PL does not use SuiteWM as a WMS. Frequently this is done using EDI documents.

SuiteTE will: (1) Extract Item Fulfillments from NetSuite and create EDI 940 Warehouse Shipping Orders; (2) Extract Purchase Orders, Transfer Orders, and Return Authorizations from NetSuite and create EDI 850s for your 3PL to receive against; (3) Read EDI 945s and EDI 944s received from your 3PL to update Item Fulfillments as shipped and create Item Receipts in NetSuite, respectively; (4) Optionally read EDI 870s to mark your Item Fulfillments in NetSuite as Packed; (5) Read Inventory Adjustments reported via an EDI 947 and post Inventory Adjustments or Inventory Transfers in NetSuite; and (6) Issue an EDI 888 to your 3PL to synchronize the Item Master.

EDI Processing

To a great extent, an EDI (ANSI X12) transaction is frequently received as a “document” or “file” on a customer’s FTP site, or sometimes even via email. If you exchange EDI documents like this with your trading partner(s), SuiteWM has the ability to read and write these EDI documents and process them into (and out of) NetSuite under certain conditions. SuiteTE has been used by Acuity Global customers to create or process, and exchange a multitude of EDI ANSI X12 transactions including:

EDI 810 Invoice
EDI 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice
EDI 850 Purchase Order
EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment
EDI 856 Ship Notice/Manifest
EDI 860 Purchase Order Change Request
EDI 870 Order Status Report
EDI 888 Item Maintenance
EDI 940 Warehouse Shipping Order
EDI 944 Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice
EDI 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice
EDI 947 Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice
EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgment

Document Processing

Not every business has the luxury of receiving every business transaction using a structured electronic interface, such as EDI, CSV, XML or JSON. In fact, even with today’s high tech advances, many businesses still depend upon exchanging PDFs or spreadsheet files via email to conduct business on a vast scale. While not ideal, it’s a fact of life for many, small and big businesses alike. For this reason, SuiteWM has a built-in transaction integration engine (SuiteTE) that (with some unique configuration) can read the custom PDFs and spreadsheets you receive and automatically post them to NetSuite (ERP). Most commonly, these transactions are Vendor Bills and Payment Remittance Notices

SuiteWM Component Integration

While SuiteWM is a comprehensive Warehouse Management System solution built based on decades of best practice experience, not all SuiteWM features and functions need to be implemented at once to add value to your business. In fact, many customers are simply seeking an improved Cycle Count tool in the warehouse. Some wish to begin using Barcode Scanning in one or many of their departments. Others may wish to only implement an optimized Wave/Pick operation. Many may use the powerful Document Processing engine or EDI Processing engine for Integrating with a 3PL. Regardless of the need, the fact is that SuiteWM is highly modular, scalable, and dynamic solution that can be adapted to many different needs and/or configuration requirements. Acuity Global stands ready to discuss your challenges in the warehouse, and suggest ways that SuiteWM can add value to your enterprise.

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